last two weeks

The last two weeks, two new python-apt releases were made. 0.8.0~exp3 did not add much, but 0.8.0~exp4 added some new bindings for our friends at the mancoosi project. I also committed several fixes to the APT repository, but did not upload them yet.

In #debian-devel, some people (including me and others on the Debian side; and sladen, sabdfl for the Ubuntu side) discussed the Ubuntu font license which is considered non-free by Debian, due to extreme naming restrictions in section 2 (unmodified versions must keep the name, slightly modified versions must keep the name and add something). Some consider those restrictions equivalent to invariant sections. After we discusses the font license, we quickly got to discuss Doctor Who and time travel, as those two are obviously connected.

Some other things happened as well, like closing more bugs, but all in all, the last two weeks where a bit less intensive than the two weeks before them.

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