Python 3.1 and python-apt

So, I have started to port python-apt to Python 3. Most things work already, but there is one single problem. I can not access the attributes of the objects, only their methods.

In Python 2.5, everything works perfectly. In Python 3.1, the same code produces an error. An example is apt_pkg.GetCache().Packages. I defined the slots tp_getattro and tp_methods. In Python 3.1, tp_getattro seems to be ignored.

If you want to help, for browsing the branch and for branching it.

This branch contains the current state and allows you to build a python-apt package shipping with Python 3.1 modules and extensions. But as I wrote above, not everything works yet. But its far enough for about 5 hours of work.

Update 2009-04-12 00:17 CEST: I just fixed a bunch of problems, including the one listed above. Most of python-apt should work now, including the ‘apt’ package.

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