I am a Debian Developer now!

14 months after applying for the NM process, I’m a Debian Developer. On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 10:51:43PM +0000, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote: > [ This is a long mail with important information, so please read it all > carefully. ] > > Dear Julian Andres Klode! > > Your account ‘jak’ has just been created in the central LDAP > database of the Debian project. […] Thank you everyone (in chronological order): Read On →

Gentoo destroying earth?

I worked a bit with some Gentoo systems the last days and it was no fun. The whole compiling thing is no fun. In fact, it is a danger for the environment. If every computer in the world run Gentoo, power consumption would increase dramatically. There would also be no netbooks, as they are almost unusable for running Gentoo on it, compiling software. The path chosen by binary distributions like Debian is much better. Read On →

"Birthdays 2008"

The most important birthdays in the FLOSS world this year (where age mod 5 = 0): **10 years: **Google (September), Open Source Initiative (February) 15 years: Debian, FreeBSD, NetBSD 25 years: GNU 35 years: Ian Murdock (April), Mark Shuttleworth (September) 55 years: Richard Stallman (March)

Now SPI contributing member

I’m now an SPI contributing member.

Joined Software in the Public Interest (SPI)

On Monday, I joined Software in the Public Interest (SPI). I’m currently a non-contributing member and have already applied for contributing membership. MJ Ray asked why people do and dont join SPI, and received answers. Not knowing SPI is no good reason, at least if you are participating in Debian’s development, and you should really know SPI if you are a Debian Developer. For me, personally, not joining the SPI would not make any sense. Read On →

Ubuntu hardy: swfdec0.7 and swfdec-mozilla0.7 in the PPA

As promised, i have built a few development snapshots of the swfdec git branch for hardy. They are available in my PPA. To use it, add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list and install swfdec-mozilla0.7. deb <a href="http://ppa.launchpad.net/juliank/ubuntu">http://ppa.launchpad.net/juliank/ubuntu</a> <span>hardy</span> main Please note that these packages are experimental and are only for experienced users.

The future of dir2ogg - gstreamer?

After playing a bit with gst-launch, I found out that it can convert music files and keeps the tags. Therefore, I think it would be great to rewrite dir2ogg using gstreamer (the python bindings). This version of dir2ogg will be much much smaller, and is really easy to extend. It will also support multiple output formats and does not need to know about the input files (use -i ‘SHELL PATTERN’ to include other files). Read On →

swfdec working perfectly with gstreamer

After the trouble with swfdec and gstreamer, I found out the source of the issue (the fluendo mp3 plugin, see below), and can now use swfdec with gstreamer. Warning: Do not use the mp3 plugin from fluendo.com swfdec does not always work with the binary mp3 plugin from fluendo.com, at least not in Ubuntu 8.04 64bit. It works with the version shipped in Ubuntu (gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3) and with the mad plugin in gstreamer0. Read On →

Ubuntu: swfdec using ffmpeg in PPA

I created a version of swfdec 0.6.6 using mad and ffmpeg instead of gstreamer, because with gstreamer it failed to play multiple videos on youtube.com. The release is available in my PPA at: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/juliank/ubuntu hardy main deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/juliank/ubuntu hardy main I will also provide some builds of the development branch (0.7.1) soon. Update:Maybe it was not clear, but the videos crashed the browser. It also didn’t really work in totem and I’m still looking for the source of the problem. Read On →

News on debimg

Well, you may have noticed that debimg 0.1 is still not released. But a lot of work happened over the weekend in my local branch. First of all, debimg’s set support is almost finished. I uploaded a tarball containing the differences between the official lenny weekly build from yesterday and a build created today by debimg, using the tasks of debian-cd 3.0.4 (after manual conversion to a format supported by debimg). Read On →