Responding to e-mails with Evolution

Every time I receive an email at my address, and respond to it, Evolution uses my e-mail address.

It should be noted that the e-mails are fetched with a single account, as they are on an imap server, and because is a forward address.

Is there any way to make Evolution respond with the e-mail address at which I received an email?

BTW, work on debimg 0.0.4ubuntu1 (previously 0.0.3ubuntu1) has reached the first milestone: Support for selecting packages based on the output of Germanite. This weekend, I will release debimg 0.0.4 and debimg 0.0.4ubuntu1 (or I merge it directly, let’s see).

Update: This was just some mistake on my side. I get emails from an Ubuntu mailing list and want to send emails to it using the address. It works for normal emails.

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