Really, don't use codenames for pinning.

You can not use codenames for pinning packages to a specific release. Everything like this just fails, and can result in apt not finding any candidate for a package. You can see this for example in Bug#512318, and Bug#513864 seems to be related to that one. If you want to target Lenny and you don’t have Etch in your sources.list, pin stable at a higher priority than testing. This means that the pin automatically migrates once Lenny becomes stable (which happens hopefully in 2 weeks). Read On →

What have you done this week?

Well, I wrote** 2599 lines** of documentation. More detailed I wrote 2599 lines of documentation from Thursday to Sunday. In total, the jak branch of python-apt now has a diffstat (compared to debian-sid) of: Changes: 113 files changed, 5845 insertions (+), 2763 deletions(-) Partly responsible is Ben Finney, whose patches I merged. I also closed 7 bugs not relevant anymore in current versions of python-apt. This is the changelog to from debian-sid to jak: Read On →

python-apt documentation - 2nd time

News: introduced again some new documentation. doc/source/apt/debfile.rst | 6 doc/source/apt_pkg/cache.rst | 540 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- doc/source/apt_pkg/index.rst | 24 + doc/source/ | 5 doc/source/examples/ | 22 + doc/source/examples/ | 29 + doc/source/examples/ | 51 +++ 7 files changed, 659 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-) You can see them at Missing seem to be: - AcquireFile - AcquireItem - ActionGroup - Configuration - MetaIndex - PackageIndexFile - PkgManager - PkgRecords - PkgSourceList - PkgSrcRecords - ProblemResolver - TagFile - TagSection Read On →

News from the python-apt front: NEW and COOL DOCUMENTATION

I have been working the whole week on python-apt and the result is the jak branch. This implements some of the proposals I made in my last post, but has one very interesting feature: REAL COOL DOCUMENTATION. After Sandro Tosi told me in a comment in my last post that the real big problem with python-apt is a lack of documentation, I immediately started writing it. UsingreStructuredText and Sphinx, we now have a really cool and much more detailed documentation. Read On →

python-apt: Deprecation of mixedCase names, re-organisation of apt.progress, and more

[as sent to] Hello, while hacking a bit on python-apt in the last days, I formulated some proposals which I want to present to you. I have already implemented proposals I and VII, started with the implementation of proposal II, and have partially implemented proposal III, all in my local branch. I could implement the rest next week, and this could result in python-apt 0.7.9~exp2 (at least this is my wish, I do not have commit access to the python-apt repository, and this mail is not discussed yet:) ). Read On →


In the last months, I noticed that it was a bad decision to use XFS as my filesystem; and before I realized that ext3 was a bad choice as well. File systems have problems. I can’t use ext3 on my laptop, because it would check the whole disk (120GB) every 30 boots. And this check takes a very long time (15 or 30 minutes, I do not know it exactly). XFS is better, but also problematic because deleting a big directory with a deep hierarchy takes a very long time like 1. Read On →

Short review: Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 8.10

After I tried OpenSolaris 2008.11, I also tried Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 8.10, each for almost one day. Creation of bootable USB stick: For both distributions, I created a bootable USB stick because it is faster to install from USB than from CD/DVD. The creation was easy in both cases. Fedora ships a shell script and Ubuntu a graphical program for this task. Both very equally easy to use. **Booting from USB: **Both distributions booted perfectly from USB. Read On →

Short Review: OpenSolaris 2008.11

The installation was fast and easy, comparable to the installation of Ubuntu. OpenSolaris seems to have big problems in terms of wireless LAN. I am using a WPA/WPA2 encrypted wireless LAN, and it asked to me to enter my passphrase. I entered it, and nothing happened. I was able to get wireless working via commandline, but this lead me to the problem that domain names were not resolved. I could solve this, too. Read On →

Dear users, Planet does not understand your post titles.

If you use, and added a Gravatar, always use the Atom feeds for Planet installation. There seem to be some problems with parsing the code, i.e. planet seems to understand media:title from your gravatar in the rss feed as the title of the post (therefore, the title of this post would be juliank). The URL of the feed is, replace juliank with the name of your blog.

aufs 0+20081023-1 uploaded to experimental

I just uploaded a new upstream snapshot of aufs (another unionFS) to experimental. But it is really more than just a new upstream snapshot: First of all, this release includes patches written by Jeff Mahoney These patches enable the usage of NFSv2 and NFSv3 file systems as branches, even on the standard Debian kernel. The package does not support NFSv4 yet, but will support it at a later point (but only with a patched kernel) - the code exists, it’s just not enabled yet. Read On →